How the world and we revolve around each other and how archetypal narrative appear in the present time after time is at the heart of my work.

Often I use personal encounters as the starting point for works ranging from video and installation, painting, drawing, to photography and lately even sculpture. 

I create by fantasizing, blowing up and investigating history, phenomena and stories in achieves, the internet and libraries worldwide.
At times this leads to works with a strong political intention or results in a very personal document, both reflecting the way we are: egos revolving in a social constellation. 

As an artist, I want to investigate, keep my eyes peeled, my ears wide open, my nose to the ground to come up with stories, stories that will give us a grip on the ups-and-downs of the world, of my world and that of others.

Inherited wisdom and intuitive knowledge are the basic ingredients in my way of doing research and making works of art.  Imagination plays a major role in my work; without imagination, there is no story, no grip.  Only in an artwork does a story get its logic and its form, a form that gains probability in the context of the artwork itself.

At the same time, the artwork can be an incentive to make new connections, new relationships and let go of the old ones. That’s what it’s all about: the challenging idea, the surprising insight, the unseen connection.